Business Consultant

Business Consultant

Business Consulting

Our team is able to offer a diverse range and type of legal and business advisory or consultancy services to you and your business in a wide range of industries throughout the State of Texas.

Our many years studying and working with many different types of small and large businesses has given us the know-how and many unique insights into what makes a successful business, as well as many of the things that businesses have done that led to their failure. Including the many challenges that such businesses can face, and more importantly how to solve them.

Let us use our business and legal experience to find practical solutions to whatever situation or challenge your business is facing.

Business Consulting Services We Provide:

    1. Business Checkups

      Do you want know where your business stands from both a risk and profit maximizing perspective? We offer a comprehensive, practical and affordable business check-up to ensure the health and sustainability of your business! Our initial free consultation includes a preliminary review of your:

        1. Ownership and Management Structure
        2. Choice of Entity
        3. Contract Management Process
        4. Risk Mitigation Strategies
        5. Tax Benefit Strategies
        6. Exit Strategy
    2. Business Divorce

      Whether its voluntarily dissolving a business or dealing with a complex “business breakup” (a.k.a business divorce, partnership disputes, etc.) this firm handles a wide range of disputes between business partners including, but not limited to, disputes most often arising out of a partnership, LLC, shareholder/corporation agreements or applicable state law. Business owners owe a fiduciary duty to the company and to the other business owners. Sometimes, business owners breach those duties by:

      (a) Defeating the expectations of the other business owners or,
      (b) By engaging in conduct that benefits themselves to the detriment of the company or the other owners.

There are many different variations of these types of claims and each is uniquely complex based on the type of entity and the facts and circumstances. We have a special focus on closely held or family-owned businesses. Contact Us today for a free consultation.