Financial Due Diligence When Buying a Business

Comprehensive and in-depth due diligence during the process of buying a business is an essential step that will give you the confidence that you are making a sound financial decision with the purchase. This due diligence involves independently verifying the financial information, among other kinds of important information, that the seller provides about the business. […]

5 Landlord Legal Issues And How To Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Even when it’s not a full-time job, being a landlord often feels like one. Their number one duty being to keep tenants happy. Everything from landscaping and repairs to rent adjustments and attracting new residents falls under the leadership of a responsible landlord. While many landlords and property managers usually take their work seriously, sometimes […]

Benefits a Lawyer Can Get from Hiring a Private Investigator

Lawyers hire private investigators for many reasons such as they often produce results that are more valuable in practice, usually charge less than legal consultants, and can help a lot in making a lawsuit stronger. But what if you’re looking into hiring a private investigator for other needs as an attorney? What other possible benefits […]

Hiring A Trustworthy Lawyer For Your Small Business

Just like accountants, builders and plumbers, lawyers do not always inspire trust from a lot of people. Fortunately, similar to those services offered by these professionals, hiring an attorney can often be a necessity for anyone who currently is, or plans to successfully walk through the minefield that is the business world. Whether it is […]

Business Divorce 101

What is Business Divorce? A business partnership is a lot like a marriage in many ways. Two or more people who co-own a company come together to work in harmony in order to help grow the business and accomplish set-out objectives. Business partners should trust each other and agree on all decisions made for the […]

Register Your Small Business as an LLC or Corporation?

Choosing between an LLC and a corporation can be a tough decision, especially if you don’t fully understand your choices. Every business owner’s situation and goals for their company are different, which means that what works for someone else might not work for you. Instead, if you are considering starting an LLC, you need to […]

Liability For Hacking Conducted with a Business’s Computer Network

Can Employers Be Held Liable? Hacking: Definition and Types Hacking is broadly defined as the act of breaking into a computer system. Hacking isn’t always a crime as “ethical hacking” occurs when a hacker is legally permitted to exploit security networks to check for vulnerabilities. In other words, when a hacker has the appropriate consent […]

Starting a Business in the U.S. as a Foreigner

When starting up a business it is important to understand how the existing legal systems in your jurisdiction work and how they may affect your business. You should, therefore, be sure to perform thorough research and understand the laws in the U.S works and how they may impact your ability to open and run a […]

How to Deal with Intellectual Property Theft

What is Intellectual Property? Your intellectual property is your intangible asset, i.e. the fruits of your creativity, ideas, and intelligence. It could be a personal recipe, methodology, brand name, logo, slogan, design, or any private content. There are several ways in which your intellectual property can be managed and protected. Besides the obvious things like […]

Importance of Good Terms and Conditions for your Business’s Website

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are a legally binding contract between your business and your website’s users This contract sets out the rules and guidelines for using your services and/or website and doing business with you. This article highlights important aspects of a Terms and Conditions agreement and why you should have one. Limiting Your Liability […]