8 Tips for Protecting Your Business Assets

The beginnings of any new company are full of headaches and worries. The main concern generally revolves around generating revenue so you can pay off any debt and start to accrue a profit. Underneath that are the other headaches of licenses and official documents, certain legalities, contracts, hiring and firing employees, marketing your products and […]

Business Litigation: Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

Business litigation is an expensive, complicated and, sadly, at times unavoidable undertaking. It is very common that companies sometimes have to face unexpected legal disputes such as defending themselves in lawsuits by employees or contractors, negotiate contracts disagreements or have to protect or enforce their intellectual property rights. When so much time and money is at […]

Things to Know About Business Foreclosure

What is business foreclosure? A foreclosure is a legal process which involves the attempt of a lender to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower who has refused or is unable to service the debt. Whenever a business owner wants secure a business loan, the lender will often require that a security –oftentimes […]

Litigation and How it Affects a Business

Introduction Litigation is an inevitable part of any business’s life. Indeed, even the most efficiently run businesses out there often find themselves involved with one form of a lawsuit or another. These lawsuits can emanate from within the business itself such as those filed by employees in protest against certain cases of infringement on their […]

Identifying Bankruptcy Fraud Schemes

Bankruptcy fraud is a nonviolent crime normally committed in commercial settings for financial gain. In normal circumstances, a debtor’s bankruptcy consists of full disclosure of acquired assets, timely reporting and honest filing. Bankruptcy fraud usually happens when the debtor already in bankruptcy has malicious intentions to deceive, manipulate or cheat the bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy fraud […]

Why Accounting is a Valuable Asset for A Business Attorney

If you are a small business, your time, money and assets are precious to you. Here are three reasons you will want to consider hiring a Business Lawyer who is both tax and accounting savvy as your next financial move. Tax lawyers are attorneys with a special tax law degree, usually an LLM in taxation. […]